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5 Basic Ways to Improve Your Bowling Technique

Most bowlers are always looking for ways to improve their game. Mastering the basics is a useful strategy to increase scores and improve averages. Mastering these five basic techniques will improve your average and with diligence get you what every bowler wants–a 300 game.

Practice makes perfect

You have to practice if you want to improve.


Evaluate your stance. Shoulders square, knees bent and holding the ball waist high will improve deliver.


Check to see how close you are to the foul line when you deliver the ball. Being about four inches from the foul line is best for optimum delivery.Get more information here.


It’s all about perfecting your timing. Your swing and steps must be in cadence. If one or the other is off, your release will be off.


How are you gripping the ball? Don’t use the tip of your thumb to grip. Squeeze the ball with the palm and don’t bend your thumb.


As you let go of the ball, remember to complete your swing. Swing your arm upward as the ball is released.

These basic tips will help you improve your bowling technique. Practice will improve consistency and over time will improve your technique.

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