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Top 5 Most Famous Bowlers of All Time

The best bowlers of all time have been meticulously tracked by the PBA since its inception. These are some of the best bowlers of all time, all of which have won 30 or more titles in their lifetime.

1. Walter Ray Williams

Probably one of the most well-known bowlers is Walter Ray Williams. He won 42 titles in his lifetime. He is also a sportsman who plays horseshoes and chess professionally. He is still the champ in titles.

2. Earl Anthony

Earl Antony won 41 titles in his lifetime. Earl Anthony was a left-handed bowler and was loved by his fans until his death in 2001.

3. Mark Roth

Mark Roth has won 34 titles in his professional career as a bowler. He was the second bowler to every reach 1 million dollars in his career.
4. Pete Weber

Pete Weber won 33 titles in his lifetime. He has been honored to receive the ESPY award for his excellence for his sportsmanship.

5. Parker Bohn III

Parker Bohn III has won 30 titles in his lifetime. He is also a left-handed bowler and has also been awarded the ESPY award.

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