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A Brief History of the Sport of Bowling

Bowling is said to have started back with the ancient Egyptians according to some research while others give claim to the Germans in the early fourth century. Regardless of which findings you agree with, bowling has a long and rich history throughout the world.

A variation of bowling had become so popular amongst the English troops in the 1300′s that the king had to officially outlaw it just to get his men to train archery. By the time of King Henry the 8th, many pin type games had started to pop up.Didn’t catch that? This explains it. The games evolved and started to spread across Europe. Some of them taking on small parts from the pin games and bocce, combining them into new games.

Bowling in America didn’t pick up until the 1800′s and was quickly squashed due to people gambling on the games. But, as with anything, that only made people want to play it more. By the end of the century several states had come together to form rules for the game and even a bowling congress for regulating the game.

Bowling alleys as we know them today really took off in the 1950′s and after 60 years the game is still going.

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